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About Medtec Europe
Medtec Europe is the preeminent medical technology platform showcasing the key trends and insights across the entire supply chain of the medical technology industry. It also serves as a prime location for business opportunities and start-up companies looking to present their innovations to investors.
The event brings together companies in the medical device supply chain to share ideas, meet partners, and discover, experience and source products & services from all stages of production in order to create the next generation of medical devices.
Held annually, the show’s location is taking place in the great city of Stuttgart, Germany.
Why Medtec?
The event brings together over 7,000 Medical Technology professionals from 76 countries around the world
The exhibition serves not only as trading & networking, but also learning platform providing you with access to the latest market updates, regulatory news and innovations
Germany is a key region for the industry of medical technology and have some of the state of the art technology and devices on the market Whether you are looking to buy or supply medical technology products and services, establish or strengthen business partnerships with local suppliers in Germany or else, Medtec Europe is the right choice for you!


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