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In the Memory of Mrs. Elena Ulieru

SITEX 45 General Manager 1992-2012

We regret to inform you of the passing of our colleague Mrs. Elena Ulieru.
Elena was one of the active partners in the 4M Network of Excellence (NoE) and also a very successful author participating at every year 4M conferences with very interesting papers and contributions.
Moreover she decided to become a regular sponsor with the company SITEX 45 for some of 4M Conferences. When the 4M NoE came to end, Elena was a great supporter of the idea of setting up the 4M Association and made sure that SITEX as an organisation itself, aswell as some of its individual members, would become the first to join.
She contributed to its operation with suggestions and advice, and actively promoted and suggested to become a main organiser and to host a future edition of the 4M Conference in Bucharest / Romania.
After successful activities with Microelectronica Bucharest for more than twelve years as Manager of Technical Department, Innovation and IPR Patenting, Elena started with SITEX 45 SRL since 1992 as founder deeply involved into microsensors and Microsystems research and development, prototyping and microproduction. based on micro/nanotechnologies applications.
With SITEX, she contributed tremendously to the development of research and development of innovative Microsystems like MEMS/MOEMS, Elena started a wider collaborations partnership with research institutes, industries and academies, developing strategies for new and innovative nanomaterials and micro/nanotechnologies applications areas such as environment, medical and structural health monitoring chemical and biomedical RFID`s 'internet of things', and 'WSN wireless systems integration' new and renewable energy sources.
Elena initiated the research activities industrial oriented for monitoring systems development and implementation for medical, environment and ICT communications technologies. Elena played an important role as senior researcher, proposer, partner and coordinator of several R&D cooperation projects under national programs like MATNANTECH (New materials ,micro and nanotechnologies), CEEX (Research for Excellence), PNII 2007-2013 (National Program Partnership and Innovation ) and more European FP5/FP6/FP7 projects and related programs like INCO, Marie Curie, Eurostars, Eureka, Euro-Nano-Med and Mnt-Era-Net.
Elena was awarded an MSc. in Industrial Technologies 1978 at Bucharest University and, MBA in International Cooperation 1986 at Bucharest Economical Sciences Academy.
Elena suffered cardiac illness which started in 2006, however then successfully overpassed a complex and complicated intervention for two heart mechanical valve implantations at Herzzentrum Mediclinic Lahr Germany on February 2007, but she continued very actively with great efforts and sacrifice for the company SITEX profile permanent development with innovative products, implementation and new areas of operations.
Elena Ulieru passed away on the 20th November 2012.

The Elena Ulieru Innovation Award

In honour of Elena's memory, SITEX corporate management in cooperation with 4M Association will offer a prize for best paper issued by young female scientist entitled “ Elena Ulieru- Innovation Award" endowed with 3,000 Euros, at annual 4M conferences, starting for the first time with the 4M Conference 2013. The selection procedure will also be in accordance with conference topics looking for future-oriented ideas for innovative micromanufacturing of sensors, microsystems and measuring technology with clearly discernible market relevance.
Conditions of participation, forms, and further selection information will be found on the site of 4M Association Conference together with the conference information package.
The 4M Association sends its deepest condolences to Elena's family, friends, national and international colleagues.




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