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Silicon microsensors for fine pressures 701x series On TO Headers for differential measurement

    pressuresensor Component delivery form
    The silicon microsensor 701 series (SmPs 701s) is a differential fine pressure sensor to detect the pressure by the change of the resistivity of a silicon resistor when an external mechanical stres is applied (in this case: pressure).
    Our design concept have been optimized according to the application and technologies allow high accuracy measurements of differential pressure.
    The silicon diaphragm is processed to the order of microns utilizing the state of the art micro-machining technology.
    The design was made in COVENTOR, the technological steps have a number of 4 masks used to configure the layers (silicon nitride, silicon dioxide, metals, etc.)
    The membrane has 1x1 mm2 and the overall chip is 3x3 mm2. The pressure sensor is integrated in CMOS tehnology adding special micromachining processes. The application of pressure is done on both sides of the diaphragm for their use as gauge sensor or for differential pressure.
    The dies are probed and shipped on taps or in waffle packs
    ~ Low cost and compact size
    ~ Small linearity error
    ~ High sensitivity, reliability and stability
    ~ For current and voltage supply
    ~ RoHs compliant
    ~ Piezoresistive bridge
    ~ Measured media at the front cap resp.filling pipe of header
    ~ Air nonagressive process gases (moisture 0-85% r.h.) without dew, silicon oil
    ~ Not suitable for substances which react to glass,silicon, nickel, stainless steel, gold aluminium and silicon gel.
    ~ Measured media at the back (vent hole)
    ~ Air process gases(moisture 0-100 r.h%)
    ~ Water, oil, petroleum,
    ~ Not suitable for substances which react to glass, silicon and gold.
    ~ Pressure connection via tube fitting or various threads M5, M6 upon request
    ~ Easy PCB mounting
    ~ Low current consumation
    ~ Low noise
    ~ PTC temperature sensor upon request
    pressuresensor Sensors Dies schematic drawing
    ~ Domestic appliances
    ~ Medical technology
    ~ Altitude measurement
    ~ Enviromental protection
    ~ Industrial controls
    ~ Automotive
    ~ Custom & semi-custom specification
    pressuresensor Electrical Characteristics At Usupply = 5V, TO=25°C, unless otherwise specified
    pressuresensor Fixed point setting; Pressure applied onto chip face; 3 Measured from 25°C to 85°C



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