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Silicon piezoresistive sensors dies model SMPS 801

    pressuresensor Pressure sensing element wafer
    ~ Based on piezoresistive effect.
    ~ SmPs 801 silicon piezorestistive sensor dies can measure the pressure concerned on its surface.
    ~ The back side of SmPs 801 dies is a pressure chamber, it can be sealed with glass, so to form sealed gauge pressure or absolute pressure type.
    ~ If the sealed glass with vent, the dies are formed to gauge or differential pressure type.
    ~ Made from supper quality silicon wafer of 4” diameter.
    ~ SmPs 801 sensor dies are in mass production by means of Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) Technology.
    ~ Thank to advanced technology and quality control sensor dies SmPs 801 are coincident in mass productions and high performance.
    ~ The dies are key sensing elements for our pressure sensors and transducers fabrication.
    ~ SmPs 801 sensor dies can be used to measure the pressures ranging from 0,2 to 1000 bar, with the gauge (relative), or absolute pressure type(see following specifications for details).
    ~ Posses high accuracy up of 0,25% fso (fso= full scale output).
    ~ The output signal is Wheatstone bridge output in milivoltage.
    ~ For excitation the bridge, constant current 1mA or constant voltage 5V will be available on request.
    ~ The dies are probed and shipped on taps or in waffle packs.
    Ordering code systems SmPs 60 - D - x - G8
    SmPs 60 Pressure range
    Exemple 0,20=0-20kPa
    x-O-x Customer specified pressure range
    SmPs D Pressure types
    G (gauge) relative pressure
    A absolute pressure
    SmPs x Die dimensions
    x-=P> 60 bar= 2,45x2,45x0,4 mm
    y =P< 25 bar= 2,70x3,45x0,4 mm
    SmPs G8 Die finishing
    G8 = 0,8 mm thickness of glass base
    N = Die without glass
    Solder Pad Layout and Electrical Connection

    pressuresensor02 pressuresensor03 pressuresensor04 pressuresensor00


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