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Development of a novel manufacturing process of customized intra corneal ring segments based on fully-monitored microtechnologies production.


Instituto Oftalmologico Fernandez Vega Spain


Sitex 45 Romania

NanoTego Inc Turkey


Keratoconus basically consists on a progressive thinning deformation of the corneal tissue into a cone-shaped profile that entails derivative issues such as diplopia, streaking and sensitive to light. ICRS appeared as the implantable prosthetic instruments to solve this disease, allowing surgeons to place it within the corneal tissue periphery. Nevertheless, current manufacturing technologies of ICRS are not able to achieve customized segments capable to provide a proper solution for the patient needs and surgeons. For this reason CUSTOM-ICRS is an industrial research project focused on developing a new versatile, integral, trustable robust, accurate and fully-monitored manufacturing process based on new cutting-edge production microtechnologies, capable to provide a wider range of customized geometries for ICRS parts, reducing surgery complexity and variability, and offering a better solution to more specific needs of patients.


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