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Research network for the development of functionally graded nanostructured composite materials for magnetic sensors and thermal coating barriers.

Contract 290.2006


Instituto Nacional de I+D para metales noferrosos y raros IMNR Bucarest


Instituto Nacional de I+D para la Ingenieria Electronica
Instituto Nacional de I+D para la Fisica Laser, Plasma y Radiacion Bucarest
Instituto de Quimica y Fisica I.G. Murgulescu Bucarest
Universidad Tecnica Cluj Napoca
Universidad Politecnica Bucarest
Sitex 45 Bucarest
Plasma Jet Bucarest


The main objective of the proposed project is to create a research network to develop at national level the new concept of functionally graded nanostructured materials (FGNMs) starting from synthesis to applications. This new concept allows to fully integrating the material and structural considerations into the final design of structural product.


* Building an integrated research network at national level to ensure sustaining and acceleration of multidisciplinary researches in the field of new materials for thermal barriers coatings (strategic and traditional industries); actuators (microfluide devices for industrial security)
* Step by step assurance of activities integration and achievement of one local and national offer in the field of strategic and traditional industries and industrial security
* Integration within EUMAT platform of material and human excellence resources, concentrated on FP7 thematic areas; participation to European research programmes and technological platforms
* Capitalization facility of fundamental research in new technological fields (soft solution processes to synthesise functionally graded materials, infiltration technique) and “mature” technologies (plasma coatings technique) corresponding to European priorities

Objetivos especificos

* Achievement of functionally graded materials for use for thermal barriers coatings (strategic and traditional industries); actuators (microfluide devices for industrial security)
* Elaboration of new synthesis methods in solution at low temperatures and pressures (soft solution processes) to synthesise functionally graded nanostructured composite materials; * Elaboration of a feasible technology to process these powders as sintered products
* Elaboration of the methods for deposition of nanostructured composite powders using TVA technique
* Elaboration of infiltration technique to synthesise FGNMs with different shapes
* Elaboration of fast analysis and characterization methods for FGNMs easy to apply for potential end-users
* Comparative evaluation of the performances of compact materials using the two methods mentioned above (sintering and infiltration technique)
* Evaluation of the performances of the functionally graded materials coatings
* The selection of the devices/parts based on functionally graded nanostructured composite materials (structural applications as thermal barriers coatings, magnetic sensors) according to industrial customer requirements
* Dissemination of the results on the basis of national and international existent partnerships and new ones developed during the project

«Proyectos I+D«

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